Pedestal Decks Done Right

Seattle Roof Decks specializes in planning and constructing pedestal-supported rooftop decking. Combining smart design, quality materials, and superior craftsmanship we create beautiful outdoor living spaces on residential rooftops.



Challenging is an understatement for our project to marry preexisting concrete pavers with new Bison wood tiles.  Tobin leveraged his extensive roof deck expertise and meticulous nature to ensure that everything came together perfectly.  Getting the job done right the first time is just as important to Seattle Roof Decks as it is to their clients.

Steve H
Homeowner in Belltown
Klein deck

Without a doubt that hiring Seattle Roof Decks was the correct decision. Tobin’s attention to detail ensured that we had the right materials and tools on the jobsite, and his precision ensured that I have a solid deck that will not shift. Working with Tobin gave me an appreciation of the intricacies involved in construction which are not obvious to the average contractor who does not specialize in floating deck systems. My deck was both a financial and time investment, but it pays dividends daily by being a well-constructed piece of art.

Andrew K
Klein Griffith Properties Group, Kennewick, WA

I knew I wanted a pedestal system and I was delighted when I found someone as knowledgeable as Tobin in this newer technology as none of the other companies I contacted had the required expertise. Tobin was a breeze to work with from start to finish and really delivered with high quality under a tight schedule to ensure my planned family event was able to take full advantage of my beautiful new roof deck. I would recommend 100%.

Damien F
Homeowner in Eastlake

Seattle Roof Decks guided the installation of the City's first StrEatery. We needed a semi-permanent deck installation for on-street dining that was safe, long-lasting, and didn’t interrupt the stormwater systems. Tobin’s expertise helped our staff appropriately utilize a ‘new-to-us’ assembly system. The level of detail provided by Tobin has ensured a long-lasting installation without any time or material wasted.

Miles T
City of Kennewick


Tobin Marsh 1


Tobin Marsh founded Seattle Roof Decks to ensure roof decks are done right.  Tobin is a superb craftsman with deep industry knowledge and a personal ethos of excellence, service and trust.

Advantages of Pedestal-Supported Roof Decks

  • Wide range of highly attractive material and design options
  • Protects roof membrane from wear and tear, accidental damage, and solar radiation
  • Deck “floats” over roof, with no penetrations of roof membrane
  • Materials are highly stable and durable — no rot and decay
  • Water and air flow freely beneath deck — no impediment to roof drainage
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintaining roof surface