Seattle Roof Decks contracts with homeowners and builders to coordinate design options and decisions, procure materials, and perform the deck installation.

There are a wide variety of highly attractive and durable surface tiles that form the surface of a pedestal-supported deck. Made of hardwood planks, porcelain, concrete or stone, they come in a wide range of colors, textures and sizes. The many beautiful design options must be matched with functional considerations appropriate for each particular rooftop.

A pedestal-supported roof deck is best conceived of as a floating assembly of hundreds or thousands of pieces that fit together as an intricate geometrical puzzle. If not properly built, a handsome deck can begin to deteriorate soon after installation. This can happen in a variety of ways that create both aesthetic and structural problems.

Far more important than the deck itself is the roof membrane over which the deck is installed. A properly installed roof deck provides the best possible protection for the roof and its membrane, likely extending the life of the roof by many years. A poor installation, however, can damage the membrane, leading to water leaks.

Seattle Roof Decks promises that each of our decks is:

  • Designed to maximize both beauty and function
  • Looks and performs great over many years
  • Constructed with top quality materials
  • Built by skilled craftsmen thoroughly trained and closely supervised
  • Custom-built to the specific conditions of each particular rooftop
  • Assembled using best practices to protect roof membrane, level deck surface, compensate for roof slope, custom-shape tiles, and stabilize pedestals
  • Completed on-time, on-budget and to our customer’s full satisfaction

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