Why Seattle Roof Decks?


FIRST – Seattle Roof Decks is really good at pedestal-supported rooftop decking. In sticking to our specialty, we commit to pleasing our customers with high-quality work and service. We take pride in our superior knowledgeable about roof deck design, materials, and quality installation methods.

A pedestal deck is a floating assembly of hundreds or thousands of pieces that fit together like a geometrical puzzle. If not properly installed, a handsome deck can begin to deteriorate within a few years – or even months – after installation. As a deck “unravels” it create both aesthetic annoyances (inconsistent joint gaps and “rocking” deck tiles) and more serious structural problems (excess pressure points on roof membrane).

SECOND – A roof deck installation is critical to the integrity of the house or building. That’s because a poorly installed roof deck can impede drainage across a rooftop, causing pooling of rainwater and rotting of an inferior deck’s wooden understructure. Far more serious, a poor quality installation frequently damages the roof membrane, resulting in leaks of rainwater into the structure of the house or building.

Such leaks can be caused by construction accidents that lacerate or penetrate the membrane. A careless deck installation can also create points of excess pressure or lateral stress on the roof membrane, causing it to fail prematurely. Resulting leaks can be very hard to identify, especially after the deck has been installed. Repairs are costly and disruptive, to say the least.

Seattle Roof Decks treats the all-important roof membrane like a baby’s bottom. Our deck installations protect it during construction and for the life of the deck. We’re talking decades.

THIRD – We take time to listen. Each deck project is unique and must be tailored to the customer’s desires and the particular circumstances of the rooftop. We prioritize the preferences of our customers. We’re patient and understanding. We strive to serve.